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An editorial design that gives a damn.

GOOD Magazine launched in 2006, and immediately found a diverse and enthusiastic audience through an editorial voice that spoke to “global citizens” (known fondly as “people who give a damn”) to catalyze creative change and progress. From the beginning, GOOD’s mission was presented through industry-leading journalism and editorial design.

Finding a voice, and raising it.

Following a two-year pivot into a social networking platform, GOOD reached out to Type/Code to lead the design and development of a new iteration of their magazine website. The goal was to bring their editorial leadership back to the forefront of their audience experience, as well as drive engagement to their community platform.

With such dynamic content and support from an incredibly talented editorial and creative team, Type/Code got to work reimagining what a digital magazine should look and feel like in 2014. The new design needed to successfully elevate GOOD’s archive of several thousand legacy articles, slideshows, and infographics, while providing innovative new content management and digital publishing tools for their editorial and creative teams to effectively art direct feature stories.

Cultivating the Community

Since the magazine’s digital relaunch in June of 2014, traffic, engagement, and subscriber conversions have grown dramatically, breaking the top 250 most-visited websites in the United States. A responsive design and development approach ensured an exceptional experience for GOOD’s growing audience acquisition through social media channels, and cross-device engagement analytics continue to climb with relentless testing and refinements.

visitors served since relaunch


This success lead GOOD to officially position the relaunched magazine site as the centerpiece of their audience's digital experience as the site grew from from fewer than 500,000 visitors per month prior to the relaunch to over 20 million per month. Growth has not been limited to the digital realm, either. In coordination with GOOD’s issues redesign in 2016, Type/Code designed and built a subscription site that allowed GOOD’s rapidly growing audience to sign up for and manage their print subscription.

increase in visitors since relaunch
most visited site in the United States

Growing up and out

In the spring of 2016, GOOD began to develop a family of child channels, or “verticals,” devoted to a specific topic. Type/Code designed each vertical to present content in the same compelling way GOOD readers had come to expect, while also serving as an effective platform for GOOD’s brand partners. By summer 2016, GOOD Sports, Money, Food, and Health launched, with brand partners like DICK’s Sporting Goods, Chase, and Newman’s Own serving up topic-focused content since. In a parallel effort, GOOD and Type/Code optimized their main site and auxiliary channels early on to work with Facebook’s instant articles—ensuring that both original and brand-sponsored content was presented optimally through the popular platform.

Microsite & event partnerships

Holiday Giving Tracker

Ongoing collaboration with Type/Code has allowed GOOD to launch other, high-impact web experiences outside of its core editorial platform. During the 2015 holiday season, GOOD, Type/Code, and Paypal partnered to create the Holiday Giving Tracker. Users of the tracker could see, in real time, the massive impact of digital donations on PayPal’s charity partners and easily give to their preferred charity as well. Type/Code's Giving Tracker was part of a successful campaign that led Paypal to a Guinness World Record for the most money raised online for charity in 24 hours, doubling the previous record.

Holiday Giving Tracker
Earth To Paris

Soon after, GOOD and Type/Code were given the incredible opportunity to create Earth to Paris. Launched in advance of the COP21 UN Conference, Earth To Paris was designed to raise awareness internationally around climate change and policy. The site provided outreach resources, social media toolkits, updates on the conference, and hosted a stream of real-time content centered around #EarthtoParis, an international call to nations and citizens to approve aggressive climate preservation goals. COP21 successfully negotiated the Paris Climate Agreement, and since then ETP serves as an archive of the movement that shaped international climate policy.


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